Customer Support

Customer support or contact centers are widely known as dial centers, point of contact. The major role played by these is by handling all the telephonic conversation, Mail conversation and chat conversations of various firm’s clients.

1) Live Agent Voice Customer Service:

Actually this service includes the customer care executives specifically trained to the requirements of your business or your campaign. They answer the phone quickly as well they handle all of the caller needs and they are well trained to make sure your bottom line is priority number one.

2) Inbound Process:

We provide a professionally dedicated service to keep your customers on track. An Advanced key feature of the inbound call service is Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD):

This advanced technology allows customer contact centers to answer calls as they enter the contact centre, Play some welcome message and intelligently route them to available agents based on the dial number (DNIS), Calling party Identification (ANI), Available agents, Agent selection algorithm or some customized business rules.

Universal Inbound/Universal Queue

Unified Customer Contact History

Real Time and Flexible Historic Reporting

Passive and on- demand call recording

Call monitoring

Call Barge-In (Silent call monitoring)

Managerial Dashboard

Call Transfer

Out bound Process:

Out bound service utilizes multiple predictive, preview and manual dialing options to manage pacing and compliance with regulations.

• Call back scheduling

• Web call-back

• Do not call list Management

• Call monitoring

• Answering Machine detection

• Multi-Number Dialing

• Out bound media Blending ACD

• Call Barge-In

Chat Support:

Have you ever seen those cool little chat-bots on websites where the business offers, ``live customer support``? We have live human beings doing the talking. This unique service can help to bring your customer service up to speed with the current technology and fulfill the demands of our increasingly fast-paced and ``right-now`` way of life.

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